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Massage - The Hangover Cure!

Here’s why massage is the hangover remedy you’ve always wanted.

It’s completely natural. No need to take drugs like aspirin, which can thin the blood and tax your already overloaded liver.

Massage boosts your immune system. During a hangover, your body is full of toxins, and your liver, the organ responsible for breaking them down, just can’t keep up. Massage will help your lymphatic system clear your blood of all the poisons you put into it during the Holidays.

Hangovers mean headaches. A massage is a great way to increase circulation, which also pushes blood to the brain, easing pesky headaches caused by your hangover.

The only real cure for a hangover is time and rest. A massage helps your body relax and heal itself.

Remembering to hydrate before, during and after a night of drinking is always helpful.

So have fun but be careful & remember to book a massage with Shine On!


Complementary Cupping Optional With Every Massage!

Did you know that Cupping Therapy helps with pain, inflammation, blood flow, and Myofascial release? Did you also know that Cupping Therapy is complementary at Shine On?! Try it out this week!

October Couples Massage Special!

Tis the season of ghouls, ghosts, specters and Spooks. Getting spooked heightens cortisol levels and getting massage is the best way to bring those levels down! From now until the end of October, we will be offering Couples Massages for only $120! Don't be afraid - check out our new online booking software!