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Is Your Purse Causing You Pain?


is your bag causing you pain?

learn how massage can help

Carrying a bag on the shoulder causes contraction and overuse of the muscles, usually in the trapezius. The depression of the opposite shoulder causes curvature in the mid spine. Along with the spinal misalignment, the consistent contraction causes a major distortion in ones posture.

Massage therapy helps relax the overworked muscles and by breaking up the knots, realigning, muscularly, the shoulders, neck and back.

In between massage sessions, here are somethings one can do to decrease the tension:

  • clean out your bag regularly to decrease the weight

  • ditch the bag from time to time

  • choose a bag with two straps, like a bookbag, to evenly distribute the weight.

  • switch to a messenger bag or a bag with wider straps

  • alternate shoulders

Call Shine On Massage to re-align that posture!


Valentine's Day Specials! Deals So Sweet, You'll Love Them!

There’s only one week away from Valentines Day!

Do you have a special gift for your loved one yet?

Here are some deals that are so sweet, you’ll <3 them!


60 min. Shine On Massage

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2/12 - 2/16

Just a Reminder - Why Shine On is the Best!

We just waned to give a friendly reminder of what we include every time anyone books a massage with us

Hot Stones

They are always provided on the back & they help loosen muscles.

Hot Towels

Given on back and feet & it elevates relaxation with the warmth.


The diffuser is always running & whiffs of peppermint are provided throughout.


Offered upon request & is beneficial due to a vacuum effect, drawing toxins out.

Be Your Best YOU With Massage

New Year - New You

There is always something promising about the freshness of another January. It is the New Year and things feel good. We want to encourage the feeling of goodness and abundance with a reminder of just how wonderful massage is for you and for everyone.

Here is some advice from us:

  • Massage helps reduce the appearance of cellulite

  • Lymphatic flow allows the body to flush toxins, decreasing chances of illness

  • Increased blood flow helps the muscles to be more pliable, increasing sense of well-being and decreasing chances of injury

  • Massage helps lower blood pressure (If your family stressed you out over the holidays)

  • It is also a natural release of serotonin and dopamine making massage an anti-depressant

This is how you can be your best you. Why wait when when you have the answer to becoming a vibrant, positive, and a flexible being.

Call us at 910.508.9383 or click the “Book an Appointment” tab above.

We love you all & Happy New Year!

Shine On

Need a Christmas Gift? No Worries, we got you!

xams flyer.png

Give the gift of relaxation this holiday season with Shine On Massage.

We have come up with a couple deals that will sure knock Santa’s Socks off.

Get two separate Couples Massage Sessions for 60 minutes for only $250. (Save $50)

Get (2) Shine On Massages for only $120. (Save $30)

The Deal lasts until Christmas Eve.

We can wax seal them and even mail them if you need. We can also overnight it.

Call 910.508.9383 or go to to buy an e-gift Card.

Happy Holidays!

Black Friday Deals!

Hello you lovely people!

We are super happy to be announcing our Black Friday Deals that will last from Monday, November 19th to Saturday, November 24th!

They make great gifts for not only your loved ones, but you too! Treat yo Self!


Muscle Tension Caused By Trapped Emotions

Muscle Tension Caused By Trapped Emotions

Do you ever wonder where you feel your feelings and why? Check out this blog to find out!

Shine On & Shining On

We are hoping to return to Wilmington by Tuesday since I-40 has been closed until Monday.

There has been a lot of damage in Wilmington - Wrightsville Beach is under 2 feet of water, there are multiple trees down and the power is still out.

We will continue to keep everyone posted.

Shine On!

Stay Safe For Hurricane Florence

With Hurricane Florence slowly approaching, all we can do hope that the damage is low, the flooding subsides, and power is restored.

Cameron and Layla have since evacuated to Raleigh.

Shine On will keep you posted on upcoming post- hurricane deals!

Stay Safe & Shine On!

Grand Opening!

Its is exciting times over here & we want to share the experience!

We welcome everyone to come celebrate with us on the 9th floor of the Murchison Building
Suite 904 on Thursday, August 30th

For our GRAND OPENING!! Whoo-hoo!

We will have some treats, snacks, drinks, gifts, and giveaways!

~There will also be a mega saving sale for massages which will be posted soon!~

123 grand opening.png