Muscle Tension Caused By Trapped Emotions

Muscle Tension Caused By Trapped Emotions

Do you ever wonder where you feel your feelings and why? Check out this blog to find out!

Shine On & Shining On

We are hoping to return to Wilmington by Tuesday since I-40 has been closed until Monday.

There has been a lot of damage in Wilmington - Wrightsville Beach is under 2 feet of water, there are multiple trees down and the power is still out.

We will continue to keep everyone posted.

Shine On!

Stay Safe For Hurricane Florence

With Hurricane Florence slowly approaching, all we can do hope that the damage is low, the flooding subsides, and power is restored.

Cameron and Layla have since evacuated to Raleigh.

Shine On will keep you posted on upcoming post- hurricane deals!

Stay Safe & Shine On!

Grand Opening!

Its is exciting times over here & we want to share the experience!

We welcome everyone to come celebrate with us on the 9th floor of the Murchison Building
Suite 904 on Thursday, August 30th

For our GRAND OPENING!! Whoo-hoo!

We will have some treats, snacks, drinks, gifts, and giveaways!

~There will also be a mega saving sale for massages which will be posted soon!~

123 grand opening.png

New Location Warming Party!

It is official! We have set a date for our new location warming party! We will be having our party on Thursday, August 30th from 6-8pm! Our new location is at 201 N Front St. Downtown Wilmington in Suite 904 of the Murchison Building. We will have appetizers, beverages, prizes, gifts, amazing package deals and great views, so don't miss out! We can't wait to see everyone!


Shine On!

We Moved!!!

Shine On is extremely excited to announce that we have moved locations! We now have a beautiful Suite located on the 9th floor of the Historic Murchison Building at 201 N Front St. Suite 904. Shine On is also happy to announce that we will now have a tranquil area to sit and relax with a warm neck wrap and a cold beverage before and after your massage as you overlook Downtown Wilmington and the Cape Fear River. 

We will be having a new location warming party in the near future so stay tuned for special offers, Photos and the announcement of the time and date! Words can not express how excited we are to share our new Massage Studio with all of you! Shine On! 

Do you Suffer From Headaches?

This Monday was an interesting day at Shine On. Why? Because the majority of our clients came to us with headaches. 


"Do you think you can get rid of my headache?" asked a weary client in pain.

Of course! The majority of time when people are suffering from migraines or headaches, it is usually caused from extreme muscle tension. In some cases,the muscles that attach to our occipital lobe (the back of the head at the base of the skull) can become so tense that it can actually start pulling on one’s Dura mater (the outside layer of the brain).
— Shine On Therapist

We find that after 60-90 minutes of massage that focuses on the neck and occiptial region, back, shoulders, and arms, people that come in with headaches, leave alleviated of any aches and has a noticeable decrease in muscle tension. 

Call us or book online to start your pain free life. 


We love you!

Shine On

Layla & Cam


Effects of Carrying a bag on the Shoulder

Carrying a bag on the shoulder(even if its empty) requires constant isometric contraction of the elevators of the shoulder girdle, such as the upper trapezius, levator scapulae, and rhomboids. Use, leading to overuse, leading to abuse... A bag carried Cross-Shoulder does not require the scapular elevators to have to overwork! For your Health!

Fathers Day Special!

What better gift to give Dad than a 90 minute deep tissue massage!? Now until fathers day, Shine On will be offering a $90 Hour and a Half Massage for our Fathers Day Special! Don't just get your dad another pen and a tie! He doesn't even work in an office! Let your dad enjoy 90 minutes of total peace and relaxation, hot stones, hot towels and eucalyptus diffusing in the air. Don't miss out on our Fathers Day Special! Shine On!

On-Site Chair Massage

Hello Everyone!

Did you know that Shine On does on-site Chair Massage? 

Your family, company and friends can benefit from the wave of relaxation

that will flow through you and your crew when you book with us!

Call Today for group pricing    -    910.508.9383






Who's there? 

Not your knots; we got 'em out

Shine On!